The selling power of the Christ

1 02 2007

Every Sunday morning I pick up a copy of the St. Pete Times and prepare myself a nice breakfast, which usually consist of eggs, waffles and a glass of chocolate milk (yummy), it is my own tradition. What did I see advertised this week? Yet, another version of The Passion of the Christ, but the special/ultimate/collectors Christastic edition. I’m sorry I really don’t see the point of releasing another DVD version of that “smut” or “snuff” flick. I’d rather see more detailed version of good movies released then more crap populate the shelves of the local video store. I know many will object to this view because of their own religious background, but the waste of film doesn’t deserve anything more than to be forgotten. The premise of the movie is built around the assumption that everyone knows the story of Christ and should somehow care that he is being beaten senseless for 80-plus minutes. A movie is supposed to have a complete arch, audiences should be drawn into the character’s story not because they feel obligated too but because they genuinely care. I’m not opposed to a great film about the “savior” of millions because I rather liked Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ and enjoyed Dan Brown’s novel, The DaVinci Code (the movie version was trash). And please if you are going to responded to this post don’t refer to the story of Christ as history because for something to be history it must be fact. And no matter how much faith you have and those around you have, the story of Christ is plain and simply not a fact. I feel the Christian community spends its fair share of time protesting things that I have loved (ie Might Mouse, Transformers and Madonna’s black Jesus in the “Like A Prayer” video) and even things I don’t really care for (ie Black Christmas and Janet Jackson), so I figured it was my turn. I’m not saying down with Christian movies (even though the vast majority are just trash or as I like to refer to them as Biblical vomit) but focus on making films that evoke a react and get people who wouldn’t be familiar with YOUR God to care even if it is just for an instance. That is all I propose.




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