And people wonder why I hate Christians

12 02 2007

Christian Activists Campaign Against Yet-Unfinished Movie

The upcoming indie movie Breakfast With Scot, which tells the story of two gay men — one of whom is a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team — who are raising an eccentric 11-year-old boy, is already arousing controversy even before its release, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday. Bernadette Mansur, the NHL’s senior vice president for communications, indicated that the protests are being spearheaded by Christian activist James Hartline, who claims to be a former homosexual. Although he has not seen the movie, he has called it “degrading” and accused the NHL of “promoting homosexualization of small children” and “becoming a willing partner with the fringe elements of the radicalized homosexual agenda and their ultimate goal of worldwide sexual anarchy.” In Canada itself, Brian Rushfeldt of Canada Family Action Coalition charged that the Maple Leafs are “underwriting homosexuality. … I don’t think it does much for the image of the NHL amongst families who may want their children involved in hockey.” Mansur insisted, however, that the NFL “didn’t intend to make a statement one way or another about homosexuals” and that the film merely tells “a story of a contemporary American family that exists today.” (from


I’m not even going to bother responding to this because it is just garbage and any intelligent human being would be able to see that.




One response

16 02 2007

i dont wonder, i know. i think anyone that has ever met you for longer than a few minutes knows how much you depise them.

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