Deconstruction of a scene: Mullholland Dr.

21 02 2007

This is hopefully to become an either weekly or monthly feature on a past film and why a particular scene works to illustrate the general feeling of the entire picture or in some cases how it fails. I decided to go with one of my personal favorite for the first post and I would love to hear your insights and thoughts on this idea. And maybe even a few suggestions as to other movies that could be showcased in this format. I hope you enjoy.mulhollanddrive.jpg

Mulholland Dr.
Directed by: David Lynch
Starring: Naomi Watts, Laura Harring, Justin Theroux
Released: 12th of October 2001
Runtime: 145 minutes
Rating: R for violence, language and some strong sexuality
There are more than just a handful of great, unique, enthralling scenes but for the sake of this feature, I could only select one. Though, most people who will read this are unfamilar with David Lynch’s distinct puzzler, the movie is quite simply one of the best films released in 10-12 years. Mulholland Dr. is a film that commands your attention as it slowly and discreetly unravels a mystery. The film makes no apologies for those who happen to get lost along way and never dumbs itself down for the average mainstream moviegoer. For daring to be different by incorporating a complex storyline, vibrant visuals and artful eye to detail, the movie is a classic for those luck enough to survive the film’s labyrinth and capture its message.


Setting up the scene:
In the first act of the movie we are introduced to Betty (Naomi Watts) and Rita (Laura Harring) who are the film’s main attractions. Rita has lost her memoery after being involved in an accident. She stubbles into Betty’s aunt’s apartment, looking for a place to rest and collect herself. Bright-eyed Betty arrives in Hollywood from Deep River, Ontario (Canada) and is immediately starstruck by the lure of the city. The two women begin investigating the mysterious crash in hopes of solve the riddle on who Rita is and why people are looking for her. There are many memorable moments during this act from the man behind the winkie’s to the beautifully captured intimaticy of Club Silencio. But, alas our scene lies within the second half after the movie completely changes your perception and what you thought you knew is not true.
As the second act begins we are reintroduced to Diane (Watts) and Camilla (Harring) who are lovers but more importantly friends. The scene takes place after Camilla has just ended things romantically with Diane and she doesn’t take the separation so well.


The Scene (this post may contain images and language that is not suitable for all ages):

The single piece of film that stuck out the most for me was the infamous masturbaution scene and no I did not select this because it is a woman pleasuring herself. In the few moments, Diane showcases lonliness, anger, hurt and vengence and this is all seen in her eyes and the some rather alarming sounds. In this scene mulholland2.gifthe message of the entire relationship is crystalized with stunning beauty and misery. Watts scary “solo” performance here is uncomfortable to watch because as the viewer you are drawn into her pain and it is not about the sexual aspect of it. Normally, for most men watching a woman “give herself a treat” is a arousing experience but here despite the overwhelming nature of the scene you are more attract to the character than the act. When the trip “downtown” involves tears of agony, with shivers of heartbreak and the sound of fingers pounding your gentials begin to overpower the soundtrack we have a rare moment of true intimacy on film. While watching this scene one can’t help but feel ashamed as if you are intruding on this person’s moment of privacy and her release of anguish. Mulholland Dr. is a outstanding, enchantingly beautiful film that at the heart of it beats this intense love story between two women who find themselves in the city of dreams.

I would have loved to have found the clip online but it seems no one on youtube or google has this video posted with the exception being a few couple porn sites. So, you out there will just have to trust me and pick-up or rent a copy of Mulholland Dr. you will not be disappointed with the lure of this twisted Hollywood-fairy tale.






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21 02 2007

Talk about racy. I like the new feature and you definitely do ‘Apocalypse Now’ or maybe even ‘Super Trooper’ because those would be awesome. I personally would have choosen the scene in club Silencio. But, it’s not my blog, now is it buddy. It was fun at the art show last Friday, and if you are doing anything special this weekend we should hit up the castle. Just a thought.

21 02 2007

very cool. i love the new feature as you know i wasn’t the biggest fan of mulholland drive but i do agree that naomi watts was fantastic in that bizarre movie. keep up the good posting.

21 02 2007

i love the flow behind this post. i think this could be the best one yet and smart using sex to attract readers. sex sells. in a short time you’ll be here in Cali and having a blast, well i got to go I’m supposed to be working not looking at soft-core porn. haha. i’ll call you later.

25 02 2007

this movie was weird and frankly that scene is very disturbing but i could appreciate the art behind it all. this was definitely not a personal fave.

26 02 2007

i disagree this movie was amazing and the scene you selected i never gave it much thought. but you are right and it is beautiful when you think of it like that.

27 02 2007

wow this is a steamy post…every aspect about just drips sex. i never saw this movie but ive seen her in king kong and the ring she was great in both. now i’ll def have to pick this one up.

3 03 2007

i think blue velvet was his best work and i disagree because the dinner scene toward the end of the film really brought home everything for me.

20 03 2007

I’ve been disapointed by this movie. The only thing I enjoyed is the soundtrack.

22 03 2007

wow very racy… this is post belongs in a porn magazine.

27 10 2007
Jack lantern

This stuff makes me horney

23 12 2007

interesting post on Mulholland Dr, personally I think that Naomi Watts’ scene is beyond any cinematographic limit, it’s neat and still realistic, nightmarish and extremely intimate.

check my thoughts about rebekah del rio’s llorando!

23 05 2008

I hate people who are turned on by these parts of the film.

You are completely missing the point, idiots.

13 12 2008


20 12 2008

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Ïîìîãèòå, ïëèç.

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