Undetected: Audition

21 02 2007

This is another new feature which will highlight good/enjoyable films that may have gone unnoticed to the mainstream public. Once again, I ask that those reading this post feel free to comment leaving suggestion and concepts for further installments.

192914.jpgWhy is it important?
I know a lot of people who rave about Japanese horror films calling them scary, exciting and original, but honestly I’ve never been to big of a fan. The ideas behind them always seem to be a bit too on the unbelievable side for me, even for a horror movie. A videotape that can kill (Ringu), a spirit longing for a mother (Dark Water) and then there’s the garbage known as The Grudge. But, Auditionwas incredibly suspenseful and always kept me intrigued. It is slow paced and at times bizarre but the “ends justify the means” as the final act of the movie is brilliant.

What is it about?
It begins with a man who hasn’t dated since his wife past away earlier, so he arranges various audition for women looking to date him. Then we see a young woman walk in and on the surface she appears sweet that soon changes. In the following scene, we see the same woman waiting by her phone and just staring intently hoping for it to ring. The filmitself is very early Hitchcox and really travels at cautious speed until the final reel begins to spin. There are a few twist here and there but to reveal them would just take the mystery out of this great horroraudition-2.jpg import.

Who is in it?
The cast doesn’t include anyone that American audience would be familiar with and this helps keep viewers in the mind-frame of the characters. Sometimes the best movies are the ones without any movie stars.

Final Thought…
Auditionis not for everyone. For those looking for a good scary movie that isn’t predictable or downright stupid then this is a worthy selection. Director Takashi Miike has created a horror-art cult classic and you would be missing out if you choose to simply dismiss this hidden treasure.




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