23 reasons to skip The Number 23

24 02 2007

Instead of a typical review, let’s try something different for a movie that just pretends to be different.
01. An incoherent script
02. All the counting feels more like Seasame Street than a gripping thriller.
03. Schumacher has still yet to deliver a decent, much less a good movie.  Still angry about the good damn Bat nipples in Batman & Robin. Dumbass!
04. Behind the charade of a meaningful movie  is one that forgettable.
05. Jim Carrey has done better work.
photo_08.jpg06. Your time would be better spent watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind if you are in search of a good “serious” Carrey movie.
07. Why see this drap when Reno 911: Miami is in theaters as well as Amazing Grace and Abandoned which might very well offer a few more chills.
08. The concepts in the movie are elementary at best.
09. The ending is not nearly as satisfying as it should be to justify this mess.
10. Virginia Madsen is the movie’s highlight but even her performance is lacking conviction.
11. Poor execution again kills an interesting concept.
12. The cinematography is distracting rather than helping further the story.
13. Ten reasons late, and I’m still mad about Batman & Robin. Screw you, Schumacher.
14. Theaters don’t give you refunds after you’ve sat through this steamer.

15. The score and choice in music don’t benefit the film either.

16. If in dire need to see a good thriller, here are a few less costly recommendations: Any Hitchcock or pretty much anything else on the shelves of blockbuster wouldn’t be as pretensious as this film is.
17. Just sad, Carrey hasn’t hit the mark in a while: Lemony Snicket was okay, Fun with Dick and Jane was strangely not funny at all and new this.
18. $8.50, is how much admission is nowadays, do you really have that to throw away.
19. With a little more detail and a few more explainations this could have been a very engaging adult thriller.
20. Ted Bundy was executed on Jan. 24, not the 23rd as the movie suggest.
21. I’m sorry but I’m still a bit angry, Schumacher not only tries to be David Finch in this movie (and fails) but ruined a great franchise started by Tim Burton.
22. Is easily one of Carrey’s worst onscreen performances.
23. A movie ticket: $8.50, A tub of popcorn: $4.00 and a large soda: $4.50, but wasting your night watching The Number 23: completely stupid.

(no stars)




4 responses

25 02 2007

i like the play off the number 23. too bad i was hoping this was going to be a good movie.

22 03 2007

I wanted to see this.

30 10 2007

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