For Your Consideration a dazzling mockumentary

28 02 2007

Perfect for fans of motion pictures, with an amazing cast of improv comedians at its disposable the film never becomes dull or uneventful. For Your Consideration also boasts more than a few noticeable cameos keeping audiences guessing as to whom else will make an appearance. Director/writer/actor Christopher Guest continues to work his magic with For Your Consideration easily being able to hold its own among his best projects. This is a film that is sure to tickle anyone’s funny bone all the while not having to resort to using fart jokes and overt sexuality.
For Your Consideration follows a cast of has-beens in a small independent movie, “Home For Purim” when rumor spark about the possibility of an Academy Award. At first, the cast led by Catherine O’Hara try to shrug it off, but eventually the hype consumes the actors. The attention comes to the surprise of everyone involved as no one expected an intimate Jewish family drama to do much. The film masterfully shows what Oscar buzz can do to actors and the people behind the lens.
As the film rolls on, studio executives suddenly become involved with the production asking that the “Jewishness” be toned down to make the project universal. By award time, “Home for Purim” has been transformed into “Home for Thanksgiving” a potential Oscar racehorse. The movie is unique in that it gives audiences a revealing if not exaggerate look into the inner workings of tinsel town. All the aspect are covered here with talk show appearances, entourages, inflated egos, backstabbing and all the other good fonder, we have come to love from Hollywood.
As Marilyn Hack, O’Hara gives a truly spellbinding performance that starts shy and nimble then explodes in disappointment. Marilyn is an actress who has yet to land that career defining role and is completely overtaken by the chance her performance could earn her an Academy Award. The news gradually changes her and as the film ends, we are left with a “new” Marilyn.
The rest of the cast is top lined by Eugene Levy (absent-minded agent), Fred Willard (slightly- off Entertainment Insider), Jennifer Coolidge (the ditzy producer), Ed Begley Jr. (the gay makeup artist), Paker Posey (aspiring actress), Sandra Oh (movie poster designer) and Jane Lynch (Willard’s more stable co-host) who all deliver standout performance. It is an old cliché that “you are only as strong as your weakest link,” and here there is no chink in this chain.
The Office‘s past and present are also a part of For Your Consideration with Ricky Gervais playing the slimy, bottom-line obsessed studio executive and John Krasinki has a cameo in a competiting movie trailer.
It would have been great if For Your Consideration garnered an Oscar nomination being that it is what the entire picture revolves around. Honestly, with a more aggressive push and a bit more awareness the film’s star, O’Hara could have very well earned a place alongside the other nominees.
Guest has proven again why he is the master of this genre of comedy with this film and his previous accomplishments including Spinal Tap, Best in Show and Waiting for Guffman. Audiences can wait and see which topic Guest and company will lampoon next.




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3 03 2007

i liked this movie a lot but i definitely prefer Waiting for Guffman or Best in Show.

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