Cameron’s findings has made religious groups, people upset

1 03 2007

If you have been living in a hole for the past week or so, you may have missed out on what exactly is happening. In a nutshell, James Cameron, famed Director of Titanic, Terminator 2: Judgment Day and Terminator, has claimed to have found the “Lost Tomb of Jesus.” But, he went further to exclaim that the bones of both Jesus and Mary Magdalene were in caskets. What does this all mean? If it is proven that those are in fact the bones of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene it would undetermine Christianity. I would also mean that Dan Brown was right and the DaVinci Code would be considered fact whereas the Bible still has not. The theory that Christians believe is that when a person dies you either go to heaven or hell. However, this development would mean that the ressurection never happened and he was merely a regular human being with a wife and children, no less.
The church has already taken the offensive by blasting the filmmaker and claiming that he is simply try to cash-in during the time of Easter.
“Profiteering and irreverence will not succeed in striking at the spiritual advance of our faithful toward Easter and the resurrection of our Lord, no matter how many stories they invent,” the Greek Orthodox church said.
I personally find this comment funny because wasn’t just three years ago when Mel Gibson milked the Christian faith for all it was worth with The Passion of the Christ. What makes Cameron’s goals any different? Granted, he is taking a different viewpoint than Gibson who directed a snuff film about some man being beaten senseless. I agree that the time is rather convenient, but any good business person knows that any press is good press. And if you are going to release a movie that shakes the very foundation of one of the world’s most powerful religion, you might as well do it on their most celebrated of holidays.
Whether any of this is true or it is just a publicity stunt only time will tell, but one thing is true both the documentary and the book will be making large deposits into Cameron’s already sizeable bank account.




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1 03 2007
Chris Rosebrough

I’ve written a comprehensive rebuttal of the films claims. Please read it and decide for yourself whether or not the film claims are solid or a hoax.

You will find it at

4 03 2007
Coops was here

James Cameron Finds Ice On The Sun

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