So excited for The Zodiac

1 03 2007

It is the first film that is being released this year that has really grabbed my attention. I remember how excited I was last year when I found out David Fincher would be directing a movie about my favorite serial killer (i know that’s weird to say, but they are really interesting to read/learn about) and that is was being released Sept. ’06. Then it was push back to November, then to January 2007 and now March 2, 2007, it has been a long process. But, with nearly 50 reviews in and a tomatometer of 84% it looks like all the waiting has paid off with many critics calling the film one of the best of its genre. Knowing the perfectionist that Fincher is and the great pains he has gone through to portray this complex character accruately is going to make for a engrossing drama. I can’t wait and with less than 24 hours before its release I know two things: 1) what I’m doing this weekend and 2) they can’t possibly push it back anymore.
Here are some pictures from the film and please do yourself a favor and check out this film because I can say without a doubt it is going to be better than Wild Hogs or Black Snake Moan.




One response

3 03 2007

this is another movie that looks fantastic

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