Hurt so good: The Howling III: The Marsupials

2 03 2007

Have you ever seen a movie and just got sheer enjoyment from despite the fact it is a steaming pile of crap? Or even some cases it is because of this the movie is more enjoyable. This is a new feature showcasing a few of these ridiculed gems. There are the movies most wouldn’t admit they like, but when they come basic cable you can’t help but watch the mess. A bad movie (there is a difference between a bad and horrible movie) is essential the same as watching a car wreck. Everyone knows that they shouldn’t but it is just so hard to turn away.

The Howling III: The Marsupials
Released: October 1987
imdb user rating: 2.3 (out of 10) **added bonus** The films ranks number 49 on the movie sites bottom 100.
The Tomatometer: a meager 11 percent.
Tagline: Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Go Down Under (I think this is awesome)
This was the turning point for the franchise where it went from trying to be scary to becoming more of a horror/comedy also was the moment the series stopped making money and shortly after went straight to video. The movie opens with a rash of unexplained sighting of werewolves and this catches the attention of a U.S. scientist who ventures to Australia to investigate the claims. At the same time we are shown a covenent of marsupial werewolves (yes, I know this sounds stupid) living in the Australian outback, but it is not until one of the younger females ventures into the city that the movie picks up its stride. Well sitting in a park she is discovered by a young man who wants to cast her as a victim in, what else, a werewolf movie. Long story short the plot of the movie completely hogwash but scenes in which a trio of werewolves are dressed as nuns, the werewolf “pouch,” and the evoke of the spirit of the true marsupial wolf the film is a laugh riot. This shouldn’t be a movie you put on for a good scare or even a half-witted storyline because you’ll just leave disappointed. Instead, see this as a vacation for your brains and expect the worst and you just might leave it being a bit satisfied. Sit back and let the stupidity of The Howling III: The Marsupials consume you and maybe bring along a six pack for added enjoyment.
Here a scene to satisfy your animal hunger




2 responses

3 03 2007

ive seen this and boy is it stupid. there were a few moments where i laughed but i can see your point about this movie

22 03 2007

never saw it and glad about it.

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