New trailers from: Resident Evil, 300 and Spiderman 3

2 03 2007

A look at some of the hottest trailers on the internet.
Resident Evil 3: Extinction
Sept. 21, 2007

The desert wasteland images that first fill the screen remind me more of a Mad Max film rather than another installment of the Resident Evil franchise. The trailer itself looks very good but much interms of a story remains up in the air. While I love the video games the previous two cinematic entries have been less than stellar. I can only hope filmmakers finally get it right with the third chapter but it doesn’t look likely.

March 9, 2007

The most visually appealing trailer to hit the screens in a long time. 300 retells an heroic tale with a comic book flare that director Zack Snyder seems to have gotten down perfect. After every single viewing I’m driven to want to see this movie even more and though the release is merely a week away, it seems unattainable. Here is to what will likely go down as one of the year’s most entertaining, original visions.

Spiderman 3
May 4, 2007

The movie event of the year. Forget about those silly Pirates of the Caribbean and that ogre who might over-staying his welcome in Shrek the Third, this is the year of Spidey. Unlike the majority of superhero movies, the Spiderman movies seem to get better with each addition and hopefully three won’t be the exception. Be sure to mark your calendar and buy your tickets in advance because this one is going to be a elephant sized hit.




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3 03 2007

the 300 trailer just so amazing. i cant wait to see it

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