Wild Hogs to dethrone Ghost Rider

2 03 2007

After two weeks on top, a leather-clad superhero who rides a motorcycle collecting sould will likely be replaced by four middle-aged guys riding their hogs cross country. After a weak week, the box-office looks ready to rebound with a slew of exciting new releases.
Wild Hogs featuring four washed-up Hollywood stars in what some critics have called, “recycled garbage with a stench that stays for days.” But, knowing the American public and the fact that poorly written excuses for movies tend to do big business, insiders are expecting the film to take this weekend’s prize. The movie is expected to open within the lower 20s range. A take of 23-million is the general agreement.
Despite rave reviews, The Zodiac because of its subject matter and lacking of a “real” star will likely play bridesmaid. The movie is opening in 1,000 less theaters than Wild Hogs so this will also effect the outcome. In 2006, movies about murderers or cases in California didn’t translate to box-office mint with both Hollywoodland and The Black Dahlia failing to connect. The Zodiac is expected to take home around $16-$18 million putting it inline with the opening of Fincher’s Se7en.
The final new wide release is Black Snake Moan and with its sleazy advertisements and entertaining trailers should pay off giving the movie a top 5 opening. The Christina Ricci-Samuel L. Jackson flick should open it the neighborhood of $8 million.
Among holdovers, Ghost Rider should experience a 50 percent decline to about $10 million bringing its total to $93 million. While The Number 23 will likely tumble 55-60 percent to earn $6.5 million. Disney’s The Bridge to Tabithia will easy a meager 30 percent to just shy of $9 million this weekend.
Again, these are just industry expectations and anything can happen. I’d advise that those interested in seeing Wild Hogs rethink their decision and opt for the more story-driven Zodiac.




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