Love sticks to it Hilton and Richie’s TV show

6 03 2007

Rocker Courtney Love has sparked concern about Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie’s plans to work as camp counselors for children in a TV series, after claiming drugs were readily available at Hilton’s recent birthday party. In a posting on her website, the former Hole singer has spoken out about the “white powder” she discovered in the toilet at Hilton’s 24 February party. And now the head of Foundations For Jewish Camping is worried about the pair’s stint as camp counselors in the upcoming fifth season of their reality show The Simple Life. Jerry Silverman tells the New York Daily News, “Counselors are trained, recruited and tested. We take (it) very seriously.” The latest season of the show has already made headlines after Richie was taken to hospital on Friday suffering from dehydration on set.




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