Maguire has spun last web

6 03 2007

Wth Sony already beginning work on Spiderman 4, Tobey Maguire has confirmed the upcoming Spiderman 3 will be the last time he plays the superhero on the big screen. Co-star Kirsten Dunst has also said she feels the third film will be the last in the popular franchise. Maguire says, “To me it seems like this is a natural point for the team to break up because we have a lot of story conclusions that were going along for the main characters for the first two movies and we kind of tie almost everything up for the third movie. “It feels like a trilogy to me and it feels like the end.” But moviemaker Sam Raimi isn’t so sure that it’s all over for the web-slinging movie hero. In a recent interview, the director stated he’s seriously considering a fourth film. He explains, “I love Spider-Man and I love working with Kirsten, Tobey, James Franco)… I just have to make sure that when I’m done with SpiderMan 3, I’m really still fascinated with the character. At this moment I’m fascinated with him.” But Raimi insists he couldn’t imagine making a fourth installment if Maguire didn’t sign on for it. He adds, “I couldn’t imagine it.”




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