Why are people so homophobic?

7 03 2007

The Snickers ad that ran during last month’s Super Bowl in which two mechanics munching at each end of a candy bar end up mouth to mouth and then register their disgust, offended not only gays but also religious conservatives, it turns out. The Smoking Gun website on Monday posted numerous complaints filed with the FCC over the ad. One wrote of feeling “violated” by the ad, writing “God knows, I didn’t turn on the superbowl [sic] expecting to be tricked into watching gay sex.” Another wrote that the spot violated “our religious beliefs and exposes our children to obscene and disgusting material they are taught are wrong.” Other letter writers complained about Prince’s performance during halftime likening it to gay porn. In all, the FCC received about 150 complaints about the telecast — a far cry from the tens of thousands of letters that rained down on the commission in the wake of the Janet Jackson “Nipplegate” scandal three years ago.
From: imdb.com

A parting thought
Why is any of this a big deal? Kids do not become gay from watching TV or bad ads, it is not a choice. I’m not gay, but I have friends who are and knowing them I know it wasn’t something they decided was “cool.” The real question is: Is it any of our business? No, it is not. Christians and conservatives are the problem, not the gays. This overbearing society breeds more problems than it solves. A lot of serial killers are made because of conflict between what they feel and what they are taught (the shame religion puts on you). John Wayne Gacy had sexual relations with 33 young men then killed them. He admitted to the murders but didn’t accept that he was gay. He couldn’t accept this fact because of his strict religious upbringing and society’s attitude toward gays. I’m not saying this is the sole reason but identity crisis in teens can lead to very disturbing behavior or leave a person who fears he/she has to live a lie to be “in.”




One response

21 03 2007
Terrence Tully

It’s those folks from the “blue” states. They hate everybody!

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