The tansformation of Avril Lavigne

8 03 2007

If someone was to ask me which of all the disposable popstars that sprung out at the beginning of the millennium was my favorite, my answer would be Avril Lavigne. Britney was too fake. Christina a tad too annoying, I get it you can sing … please stop screaming now. Jessica too retarded. Mandy, to be honest I don’t even remember all that well, except for her role in Saved!. Avril had a great mix of sass, looks and a guitar to match, because nothing is hotter than a chick with attitude and a guitar in hand. Her latest, “Girlfriend” is a bit annoying and in the video she has completely changed her look. A lot of time has passed between this new project and her last effort, 2003’s Under My Skin. In the time she got hitched to the lead singer from Sum 41 and appeared in Over the Hedge (a voiceover) and Fast Food Nation. I personally not a big fan of the new Avril, so far, but I have hope that maybe it is just a phase.
And here it is:

Here are my favorite Avril videos

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments about the “new” Avril and the song.




One response

22 03 2007

I hate her.

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