More Gump on the way

10 03 2007

It worked for 1976 Best Picture winner Rocky, so who knows? Maybe a sequel to the 1994 Oscar champ isn’t such a crazy idea after all.
Forrest Gump may help illuminate more of 20th Century history. reports producers Steve Tisch and Wendy Finerman are reconsidering the script for Gump & Company, a sequel to Forrest Gump.
The script was written six years ago by Eric Roth, but ended up on the shelf, while Forrest Gump‘s creator, novelist Wilson Groom, worked out disputes over royalties from the original film adaptation. Now that the issue is settled, Gump may run again.
The storyline is set to pick up several years after the end of the first film. Gump’s shrimp fishery has gone out of business, and Forrest will be an unemployed single father who somehow manages to be at the center of the most important historical events, this time of the 80’s and 90s. Apparently the storyline even has him meeting an actor by the name of Tom Hanks.
Hanks and Gary Sinese are part of the planning, but no decisions have been made as to whether the sequel will be made, and if it is, who will star.




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