Transporter 3 coming soon.

12 03 2007

“With the success of “The Transporter” and “Transporter 2,” completing the trilogy seems like a no brainer. Yet, there has been little confirmation about plans to move forward, until now. Producer Luc Besson suggested a start date for a third adventure of Frank Martin the Driver.

“Probably March/April,” Besson said, referring to 2008, not the current month.

Besson created the character and cowrote the scripts, as well as produced the first two “Transporter” films. Expect him to remain creatively involved in part three. “It’s too much fun,” he grinned like a little kid playing with his toys.

With an early 2008 start, it is conceivable that the film could be finished in time for the September slot the first two films had. However, these are still early talks and Besson is not announcing any release dates.”




3 responses

17 03 2007

I hated the first two and Im not even going to bother with this one.

27 08 2007

R u kiddin the Transporter movies rule and i cant wait for the 3rd. I gotta admit the whole car upside down and removing the bomb by the crane bit is utter rubbish but thats it otherwise they rock.

25 02 2008

I thought both movies were great. And the whole car upsidown thing with the bomb, it was the best. Yes, unrealistic, however, thats what makes a movie! There are many unrealistic movies that are great. I think with a third installment of these movies would be a brilliant idea. With Jason Statham (forgive the spelling) being in more and more movies he has a chance to show off in a thrid one. I say bring it on, next time lets see some more stuff like jumping from one car to another in mid air while disarmming a bomb and talking on the cell phone while eating a cheeseburger!

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