Rider Strong back for Cabin Fever 2

15 03 2007

Reports of Rider Strong’s death in the horror film Cabin Fever have been exaggerated. Strong’s character, Paul, is alive and well and living in fear of his life in the sequel, Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever.
Giuseppe Andrews returns as the oddball Deputy Winston, who dumped the ill Paul in a stream at the end of the 2003 original. In the sequel, the killer virus comes out of the woods and has a date at the high school prom.
Director Ti West steps in for Eli Roth on the sequel, which is shooting in North Carolina. Lionsgate will distribute.
Comedian Judah Friedlander (NBC’s 30 Rock) plays the Down Home Water security guard. Mark Borchardt (American Movie) portrays Winston’s cousin from Wombusaw, and fellow cult actor-director Larry Fessenden (Habit) plays an ill-fated water truck driver.
Noah Segan (Brick), Alexi Wasser (Factory Girl), Marc Senter (the upcoming I Know Who Killed Me) and Rusty Kelley play new potential victims.
Strong is perhaps best known for his role on the ABC series Boy Meets World, while West’s directing credits include The Roost and the upcoming Trigger Man.
From: Yahoo! Movies




6 responses

15 03 2007

Really?? Like we need a second one??!!!

17 03 2007

I kind of liked the first film. I thought it was fun and cheeky.

3 08 2007

hey, i’ve seen cabin fever 1, not 2, but like rider strong isnt dead, right?

13 04 2008
sir jorge

I sure hope that this is in fact true.

30 07 2008

OMG!!! the 1st one was total crap!.. now theres a second!!!! Please what ever next….

26 02 2010
Justine Lindsley

This is sick…. BUT I like this picture

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