Undetected: Shattered Glass

15 03 2007

shatteredglass.jpgThis is another new feature which will highlight good/enjoyable films that may have gone unnoticed to the mainstream public. Once again, I ask that those reading this post feel free to comment leaving suggestion and concepts for further installments.

shatteredglassbig.jpgWhy is it important?
Shattered Glass tells the story of Stephen Glass who shook up the world of Journalism in the late 90s. Glass was an editor for The New Republic as well as a writer for Rolling Stone, George and Harper’s, but he hid a deep secret. The movie spotlights the rise and fall of Glass with pin-point accuracy. Glass was discovered to be fabricating his stories/sources in a large portion of his writings. As time passed the lies became outnumber the truth as entire buildings and people were created to support his idea. Instead of reporting the truth, he handed in funny, witty and unusual pieces of fiction with the disguise of truth.

What is it about?
The film is about one of the most important moments in journalism, but unlike All the President’s Men, which highlighted the power of investigative journalism, Shattered Glass explores fabrication. At the age of 26, Glass had everything going for him: a prominent position at The New Republic and several steady freelance magazine jobs, but his web of lies would begin to unravel. The film chronicles this chain of events, including the rise of internet journalism – the outlet responsible for finally exposing Glass. This is an enthralling filmsg.jpg that gives its viewers an intimate look at the inner working of the field.

Who is in it?
The cast includes Hank Azaria, Steve Zahn, Rosario Dawson and Chloe Sevigny who are excellent in their supporting roles. Each actor brings something to the film aiding audiences along the journey. Hayden Christensen is fantastic as Glass, he manages to capture his sweet demeanor and hint to his dark side. But, it is Peter Sarsgaard as editor Chuck Lane who steals the show. He is the one are eyes are fixated on, especially during the film’s final reel. The role brough Sarsgaard numerous critical awards and his first Golden Globe nomination.

Final Thought…
Shattered Glass is a great drama that is engaging and thought-provoking. This is a film that all aspiring journalist should see to reinforce ethics among them. The film has taken its place alongside All the President’s Men and Network as movies that best capture the power and pitfalls of this great profession. There is something for everyone and if you are looking for a smart, subtle drama then look no further.
Here’s the first 9 minutes of Shattered Glass, if you like what you see … the rest can be found on youtube:




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15 03 2007

You’re right to highlight this great, underheralded picture. What did you think of “Breach?”

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