Hurt So Good: Sleepwalkers

20 03 2007

Have you ever seen a movie and just got sheer enjoyment from despite the fact it is a steaming pile of crap? Or even some cases it is because of this the movie is more enjoyable. This is a new feature showcasing a few of these ridiculed gems. There are the movies most wouldn’t admit they like, but when they come basic cable you can’t help but watch the mess. A bad movie (there is a difference between a bad and horrible movie) is essential the same as watching a car wreck. Everyone knows that they shouldn’t but it is just so hard to turn away.

Released: 10th of April 1992
imdb user rating: 4.3 (out of 10)
The Tomatometer: a meager 18 percent.
Tagline: They feast on your fear – and it’s dinner time.
This is a movie I saw as a child and liked, but even now at 23 I still chuckle with enjoyment when I see Sleepwalkers. A mother and her son move into a quite town and immediate he draws the attention of a pretty little thing in class. On the outside the family appears normal but beneath the surface lies something these town folk have never seen before. He brings her to a grave yard to fool around but instead of climaxing he tries to drain her life force, believe me I know how stupid this sounds, the boy and his mother are sort of like vampire who have to feast on others’ lives. She manages to survive thanks to a stray cat, because here’s the kicker cats can kill them. The probably 8-pound stray cat leaves the teenager near death and now it is up to mother to punish the slutty teen. The film culminates with all the stray cats in the neighborhood attacking and eventually killing the mother. The film is not great but it is so out-there it is a hoot to watch.
Here a scene to satisfy your animal hunger




2 responses

21 03 2007

I remember this movie from when i was a kid!!! Awesome!! Just gives everyone another reason to love cats!!!!

22 03 2007

I remember watching this as a kid and loving it. If I probably saw it now I would probably not find it nearly as entertaining.

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