More news on The Dark Knight

20 03 2007

We’re getting some conflicting reports on this one, but if it’s got something to do with the Batman Begins sequel, I know it’s something worth sharing. Fans of the comic book may be happy to learn that a character called “Boss Maroni” may play a major role in Bat’s next adventure.
Old-school bat-fans will remember that Boss Maroni is a gangster who threw acid in the face of Gotham City District Attorney Harvey Dent, thereby creating a villain known as Two-Face. And since we already know that Aaron Eckhart has been cast as Dent, it only makes sense that the character’s origin story would remain intact.
According to a pair of sources, the character might be played be either James Gandolfini or Alan Dale … or maybe someone else. Nobody knows for sure at this point. But, as always, stuff like this is great fun to speculate about. Director Christopher Nolan reportedly wants to make Maroni’s role a little larger, which would lead one to believe that an actor as big as, say, James Gandolfini would land the role. More news as we get it.
Source: Bat-on-Film




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