The future of Freddy Krueger

23 03 2007

Before he was known the world over as Freddy Krueger, Robert Englund was known as just another colorful character actor, but now that he’s played the dream-bound boogeyman in over a half-dozen flicks — he’s not about to let the role go quietly.
In a solid interview at, Englund mentions the discussed-yet-ashcanned Ash vs. Freddy vs. Jason project, but then goes on to rattle off a few of his own ideas for the series: “I’ve heard [the movie studio] is in talks with John Carpenter [director of the original Halloween]. So maybe Freddy and Jason are going to meet up with Michael Myers. I also hear they have a really good prequel script to A Nightmare on Elm Street being passed around. And there was talk that John McNaughton, director of Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, was attached.”
Mr. Englund then goes on to lobby (a lot) for the role in a prequel that might never see the light of day, but you can’t really blame the guy. He IS Freddy Krueger, after all, and he wouldn’t mind a few more trips through the make-up. The actor also admits that Freddy got a bit too “funny” in his later installments, but would love to make up for it in the prequel. (He envisions it being like an episode of “Law & Order.”)
Englund enthusiasts can enjoy his latest work in Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (which is great) and the upcoming Hatchet (which is also a whole lot of good, slashy fun).




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23 07 2007

i love yr movies yr hillariously funny and yr the person everyone loves 2 hate i own all of yr 7 movies and freddy vs. jason, yr playing cards, yr actionfigure that sings yr song and other stuff… well later and try 2 make another exciting movie with heather (nancy) in it and her boy and his friends getting slaughtered and i think if u throw in mike myers u should also try the texas chainsaw massacre then it will be a fatal 4 way match and u will win.. if u do so but ….anyways thanx 4 taking the time to make joyful movies

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