Clinton to appear on South Park

28 03 2007

11s.jpgNew York Senator Hillary Clinton is set to appear as a character on satirical cartoon series South Park. The presidential hopeful will be recreated in two-dimensional form in an episode of the controversial show, which will air on TV network Comedy Central tonight. Sources from the network tell the New York Daily News the storyline will focus on a local rally for Clinton’s political campaign, but would not elaborate further on the show’s final plot. Last year, an episode dealing with Scientology and Tom Cruise caused Isaac Hayes, who played Chef on the show, to quit over “inappropriate ridicule” of the controversial religion. (




One response

28 03 2007

One of these days, I’m going to have to invest in a television so I can follow culture as it quickly passes me by.

But for now, I’ll just blog away, hoping my comments will result in more hits.

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