Trailer Alert: Halloween, Evan Almighty and Ratatouille

8 04 2007

August 31, 2007
I had my doubts when I heard Halloween was going to be remade, but this trailer has settled them. The mere minute and half is suspenseful, scary and better than the previous 4 installments in the franchise. This is shaping up to become the horror movie to beat this year.

Evan Almighty
June 22, 2007
The trailer was a bit disappointing, I can only say I laughed once whereas for Bruce Almighty I was in stitches. I don’t think this movie will even make half of Bruce‘s $242 million because it just seems stale and swapping Jim Carrey for Steve Carrell is a bit of a gamble. Carrell has only carried one movie past the $100 million mark, The 40-Year Old Virgin.

June 29, 2007
The new Pixar film takes place in Paris with a cute little rat as the lead character, it already sounds better than last year’s Cars. I don’t think this film is any threat to Shrek the Third but could end the year as the second highest grossing animated film.




One response

8 04 2007

Halloween remake, hmm…at least they haven’t changed teh Shatner mask.

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