16 Springfields to compete to host Simpsons‘ movie

10 04 2007

16 of the United States has a city called Springfield in it, but only one will win the chance to premiere The Simpsons Movie this summer!
It sounds like a pretty outlandish promotional plan, but hey, why not get the small town people involved with a movie this … massive? According to our source, Fox has asked the 16 Springfields to lobby on why their town should host the Simpsons flick premiere. Springfield, Illinois, seems to have the inside edge in that they actually have some nuclear power plants.
Springfield, Oregon, might get just a little special treatment, if only because Simpsons creator Matt Groening was born and raised in Portland. Either way, the location of the premiere doesn’t change the fact that The Simpsons Movie opens on July 27th.
(Can that be right? Are there ONLY 16 Springfield in the entire country?? Aha, extra research indicates that there are actually 32 Springfields in the U.S. It’s just that, um, only half of those towns were asked to participate in the promotion. Ouch.) (TMZ.com)




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