Hopkins to be Hitchcock

10 04 2007

Sir Anthony Hopkins is slated to add another iconic character to his impressive resume. He’s attached to play legendary director Alfred Hitchcock in a biography of the man.
“I better put on some weight,” Hopkins joked patting his tummy.
The film would center on a short period of Hitchcock’s life but reflect his overall struggles. “It’s about the making of Psycho but it’s not about the making of Psycho such, but how Hitchcock felt such a failure all his life. He felt such a loser all his life. And he had a very troubled relationship with everyone. A very complex man, a very private, quiet man. There are all rumors about his life and his relationship with his wife. I know nothing about the guy but this script is a good script.”
There could be some delays on the project, both legal and artistic. “I think we were supposed to be doing it in May but then they pulled the script back again because they had to check with the Hitchcock estate. And also they wanted to rewrite it again, I don’t know why. I hope they don’t rewrite it out of shape because it was pretty good when I read it.” (Rottentomatoes.com)




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