Why Grindhouse tanked

10 04 2007

Grindhouse-Poster-2.jpgThere isn’t one particular reason for the unique project’s failure to win over audiences. Grindhouse debuted this weekend to a slender $11.6 million when many had predicted that the film would open in the $20-million range. Here is a breakdown of what led to QT & RR biggest commercial disappointment.
1. Misleading advertisement
The TV ads worked at explain what a Grindhouse was and that something by that name was being released. However, it failed miserably at giving viewers any idea as to a plot or story for either half. It is great to see two movies for the price of one, but not when you don’t know what you are getting yourself into. This was probably the movie’s biggest mistake.
2. The subject matter
While the concept was explained well, the subject itself may have been to vintage for younger audiences and possibly a bit to clever for the majority of Americans. The film boasted the best reviews of any film currently in the top 10, but still failed to register. A double-horror-feature may have not been wise in a market where countless other genre flicks have bombed, i.e. The Hitcher, The Hills Have Eyes 2 and Dead Silence.
155049__grindhouse_l.jpg3. Run time
This is a major factor as few are willing to seat in a theater for 191 minutes. Though the film was broken into to feature with a rather tasteful intermission. The sheer length of this film might have been more than moviegoers were willing to handle.
4. Lack of a bankable star
This is probably the least-likely reason as prvious hits from the duo never featured A-listers. Kill Bill Vol.1 & 2 both opened with more $20 million and it was toplined by Uma Thurman. Audiences are more likely to see a movie they know nothing about if it has a star. This could have played a small part in the concept failure this weekend.




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10 04 2007

I had my reservations about this movie…

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