Batman Begins writer on board for Scanners remake

12 04 2007

He’s written some of the most popular movies of the past few years, but writer/director David S. Goyer isn’t slowing down. His remake The Invisible hits screens soon, he’s got a cool-sounding project called Super Max on the horizon, and he’s planning to remake a well-regarded David Cronenberg flick called Scanners.
Yep, Scanners, the movie in which Michael Ironside makes human heads explode just by thinking about it (and concentrating real hard). Mr. Goyer is taking the smart route with this remake, being careful to praise Mr. Cronenberg’s very influential work while mentioning how he’d like to ‘modernize’ the story.
“I’m a huge Cronenberg fan, and Scanners was definitely one of my favorite films as a kid,” Goyer said. “What we’re trying to do is take all the best elements of that. … He obviously made it on a shoestring budget, so this time hopefully we can expand upon what he did,” is what Goyer had to say, among other things.
Darren Lynn Bousman looks to be on board as the new Scanners director. Production on the remake is supposed to get rolling in early 2008. (Sci-Fi Wire)




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1 12 2007

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