Behind the Lens: Lars von Trier

12 04 2007

Lars von Trier has been selected to be featured in our latest installment of “Behind the Lens.” This is a special acknowledgement to directors who have made us think and refuse to give into the current trend. What they have offered us are original, daring visions often ignored or misunderstood by the masses. We salute you.

vontrier-lars.jpgLars von Trier
Born: April 30, 1956
Best Known For: 2000’s Dancer in the Dark
The outspoken director is a lightning rod for controversy with his particularly unflattering thoughts on America. Lars von Trier critiques have divided support for his films. His USA – The Land of Opportunity (which concludes with next year’s Washington) has been met with a mixed reaction both commercially and critically. Despite the harsh words some use to describe the man, his work is innovative and vibrant. Films such as Breaking the Waves, Dancer in the Dark and Dogville have been impossible to ignore as they have garnered the director multiple award nomination including an Academy Award nomination. In Dogville, my personal favorite, there are no sets, no streets and no backdrop – much like watching a play, everything is in your mind. The film deal with humanity or sometimes the lack thereof and he even manages the usual reserved Nicole Kidman to express a wide array of emotions that become the movie’s center. With von Trier films you are forced to use you imagination transport into the world of these wonderfully colorful characters. You won’t regret your time there.
Must See

Dancer in the Dark
Breaking the Waves

Worth a rent




One response

13 04 2007

The only one I saw is Breaking The Waves, very powerfull. Emily Watson is amazing.

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