Hanks scores big buck with Da Vinci Code sequel

12 04 2007

Sony was already warming up the Da Vinci Code follow-up when the flick opened to huge box office numbers, but the questions we still need to know are A) Who’s directing, and B) Is Tom Hanks coming back?
It’s already been reported that screenwriter Akiva Goldsman hauled in a huge payday for adaptation duties on Angels & Demons, the “prequel” novel that was written by Code author Dan Brown. A scooper at one source states that not only has Tom Hanks been signed to reprise his role as heroic nerd Robert Langdon, but that he’ll earn “the highest salary EVER” for an actor.
Other tidbits offered:
1. Angels will begin production in July.
2. Model Gisele Bundchen is rumored for a villainous role. (Is it too late for an April Fool’s joke?)
(Note: It was CinemaBlend who first broke this story, which then made its way over to IGN Movies, but when I back-tracked to CB, I couldn’t find the original article anywhere. So take this report with a grain of salt until we get some additional confirmation.)
(CinemaBlend, IGN Movies)




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