Hanks, Howard are official back for Angels & Demons

13 04 2007

Just a few days ago one of our sources reported that Tom Hanks had not only signed up for Angels and Demons, but also that he’d be receiving the biggest actor’s payday of all time. Now comes official word that director Ron Howard is returning for the Da Vinci Code prequel.
Sony hasn’t announced the deals just yet, but reliable sources told another reliable source that they’re pretty much locked up at this point. Apparently the studio is setting a January release date, they’ve hired their casting directors, and screenwriter Akiva Goldsman is busily clacking away on his keyboard.
According to just about everyone I know, Angels & Demons is actually a much better novel than The Da Vinci Code. (Even people who’ve never read the books say so.) I’m told it involves the same Robert Langdon character (hence the need for Tom Hanks, obviously) and a bunch of Illuminati-led assassinations in and around the Vatican. Or maybe I’m way off. Maybe I should read the book. (The Hollywood Reporter)




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