Undetected: Igby Goes Down

13 04 2007

B00005JLHI.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpgThis feature will highlight good/enjoyable films that may have gone unnoticed to the mainstream public. Once again, I ask that those reading this post feel free to comment leaving suggestion and concepts for further installments.

Why is it important?
Igby Goes Down is a stellar drama, which takes the basic premise of the classic, The Catcher and the Rye, and updates it into a more modern setting. The film is not particularly groundbreaking – it doesn’t highlight an important moment in history or create understanding about a conflict, it does however piece together a very cohesive and poignant coming-of-age story. And what more can you ask from celluloid than a 90-minute movie that showcases one’s struggle and they either faced or overcame it.

What is it about?
The film’s premise can be easily described as a boy who never fit in with his own high society family breaks free to explore himself away from the things he despises most. Igby (Kieran Culkin) doesn’t like going to school, doesn’t care for his older brother and physically hates his mother, decides that running away is his only hope. The audiences see each new experience through his eyes and carefully watch as sometimes the juvenile makes some very bad choices. A vibrant supporting cast helps to crystalize the message behind the film and their clashing personalities give viewers a plethora of viewpoints.story.jpg The film effectively gives us a balanced story and each character is crafted so the audience can identify with them.

Who is in it?
The cast includes Amanda Peet, Ryan Phillippe, Jeff Goldblum, Claire Danes and Bill Pullman. Igby Goes Down‘s main attraction is the constant struggle between Mimi (played masterfully by Susan Surandon) and Igby (Culkin). The bitterness and contempt for each other is perfectly delicious. The pair picked up Golden Globe nominations for their performances in the film, but left empty-handed. The ensemble cast pulls it together and hit a home run that will continually bring pleasure to all those who
brave enough to pick it off the video shelves.

Final Thought…
Igby Goes Down is an engrossing drama with more than a handful of rib-tickling moments. The film is smart, witty and self-aware with more to offer the casual moviegoer than the usual polished Hollywood product.
Here’s the trailer to Igby Goes Down:




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