A trio of sequels: Bond 22, JP4 and The Punisher 2

14 04 2007

There are at least three sequels that we know are definitely (albeit eventually) arriving. Well, a whole lot more than three, obviously, but this update will focus only on ones that deal with dinosaurs, secret agents, and aggravated vigilantes.
Regarding a third Jurassic Park sequel, it seems that Laura Dern is in and Jurassic Park 3 director Joe Johnston is out. Ms. Dern apparently made a joke about getting David Lynch for the gig. To which Universal executives inevitably responded “Relax, everyone, she’s joking.” Alex Proyas is a name that’s been mentioned for the job, but producers Frank Marshall and Steven Spielberg haven’t decided on a helmer just yet.
As far as a follow-up to The Punisher is concerned, things seem to be coming together slowly but surely. Screenwriter Kurt Sutter is trying to balance his adaptation duties with a sense of responsibility to the longtime fans: “[I’m] hoping this movie satisfies the rabid fanbase. the comic-lovers sect is a discriminating, well-informed, don’t-****-with-our-world group of folks. I’d hate to land on their bad side.” This will mark Sutter’s first screenplay, but he’s written a bunch of The Shield episodes.
Meanwhile on the 007 front, it looks like screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have turned in their Bond 22 screenplay, whereas Casino Royale co-writer Paul Haggis just acts all coy when asked if he’ll be participating again. (IGN Movies, Moviehole, MTV, CommanderBond, Cinematical)




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