Hurt So Good: Napoleon Dynamite

14 04 2007

Have you ever seen a movie and just got sheer enjoyment from despite the fact it is a steaming pile of crap? Or even some cases it is because of this the movie is more enjoyable. This is a new feature showcasing a few of these ridiculed gems. There are the movies most wouldn’t admit they like, but when they come basic cable you can’t help but watch the mess. A bad movie (there is a difference between a bad and horrible movie) is essential the same as watching a car wreck. Everyone knows that they shouldn’t but it is just so hard to turn away.

Napoleon Dynamite
Released: 27th of August 2004
imdb user rating: 6.9 (out of 10)
The Tomatometer: 71 percent.
Tagline: He’s out to prove, he has nothing to prove.
This is a controversial choice because a lot of people seem to love this film and think it is just hilarious. I even like watching this film and from time-to-time it makes me laugh with its deadpan humor. You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who knows film admit that this is a classic or even great for that matter. napoleon-dynamite-4.jpg?maxHeight=150&maxWidth=150Napoleon Dynamite is entertaining however, making it easy for someone to bid their time but it offers nothing more. The humor is the movie is elementary at best and moronic at worst, but it still manages to capture ones attention. Even if these type of movies are not your cup of tea, Napoleon Dynamite will still be able to bring a smile to your face and even the occasional uncontrollable laughter. The movie doesn’t really have anything that resembles a plot or feature progressive character growth then again not many films can match its now infamous dance scene, which launched the career of comic up-and-comer Jon Heder (who plays the title character).

Here’s a scene that will leave you in stitches




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