No more Catwoman for Berry

15 04 2007

Just a few weeks ago Halle Berry was telling everyone that there would never be a Storm spinoff movie (as if anyone actually expected one), and now she’s on record as saying that if the Catwoman character is ever resurrected for a Justice League movie … she won’t be expecting any phone calls.
At a recent press junket in support of her new thriller Perfect Stranger, the lovely Ms. Berry was tossed a few Cat-related questions. And let’s just say she didn’t mince words: “No, no … You guys didn’t like Catwoman the first time, and I’m not a masochist … I make movies for people, and if people don’t really want to see that, then I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice, obviously.” Which is a good answer, I suppose, but if she makes movies for “the people,” how does she explain Swordfish, Gothika, and, well, Perfect Stranger?
So between Storm fizzling out and Catwoman stuck in the kennel, I guess we won’t be seeing Halle Berry in any more comic book movies. Whether or not that’s a good thing is entirely up to you … but I say it’s a good thing. (Cinematica)




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