Crossing Over: Mariah Carey

18 04 2007

This is a new feature about musicians who have made the leap to acting and the results. Some have gained acclaim while others have become Razzie hall-of-famers. Either way when a musician tackles the silver screen we all take notice and savor the outcome.

mariah_carey.jpgMariah Carey
Born: March 27, 1969
Musicial Credits: Solo Artist
1990: Mariah Carey (Peaked at #1, 9x Platinum)
1991: Emotions (Peaked at #4, 4x Platinum)
1992: MTV Unplugged (Peaked at #3, Triple Platinum)
1993: Music Box (Peaked at #1, 10x Platinum)
1994: Merry Christmas (Peaked at #3, 5x Platinum)
1995: Daydream (Peaked at #1, 10x Platinum)
1997: Butterfly (Peaked at #1, 5x Platinum)
1998: #1’s (Peaked at #4, 5x Platinum)
1999: Rainbow (Peaked at #2, Triple Platinum)
2001: Glitter (Peaked at #7, Platinum)
2001: Greatest Hits (Peaked at #52, Platinum)
2002: Charmbracelet (Peaked at #2, Platinum)
2003: The Remixes (Peaked at #26, 347,000)
2005: The Emancipation of Mimi (Peaked at #1, 6x Platinum)

Possessing what is easily one of the greatest voices ever captured, Mariah Carey stormed the charts in 1990 and has been a hit-maker ever since. Her first five singles (“Vision of Love,” “Love Takes Time,” “Someday,” “I Don’t Wanna Cry” and “Emotions”) all hit the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, a feat no artists has ever accomplished or matched. Through the 90s, Ms. Carey produced several multi-platinum records and scored a record 13 number ones singles. With the end of her marriage in 1997, Carey was liberated to pursue various options including a small-supporting role in 1999’s dud The Bachelor with Chris O’ Donnell.
Her music career continued to flourish as she would top the charts again with “Heartbreaker” and “Thank God I Found You.” She once again broke records by becoming the only artist to have a number one single every year for 11 years. Carey had done what Madonna, Whitney (Houston) and Janet (Jackson) never did and in a shorter time frame.
Everything seemed perfect as the new millennium begun as she was named Artist of the Millennium at the World Music Awards, Artist of the Decade by American Music Awards and given a special acknowledgment award for the Billboard Music Awards. However, one film and one album would change all that: Glitter. The universally panned film and its companied soundtrack arrived DOA with the film becoming the laughing stock of the industry. Her only accolade can in the form of a Best Actress win from the Razzie’s. A single project tarnished the golden girls entire career and the following album, Charmbracelet failed to sell Mariah-esque number and without a hit single it vanished from the charts with decent sales of 1.2 million copies.
She tried to make an acting comeback alongside Mira Sorvino in the straight to video feature, WiseGirls. The movie did get scant good reviews with some critics even praising Carey’s performance in the film. It was too late the damage was done.
It seemed to be over, but in 2005 Carey made one of the greatest musical comebacks. She released The Emancipation of Mimi in April and the album debuted at #1 with a staggering 404,000 copies sold within its first week. The album remained in the top 5 albums for more than six months due to the enormous success of “It’s Like That,” “We Belong Together,” and “Shake It Off.” Besides becoming the best selling album of the year, Mimi also yielded the songstress’ 16th (“We Belong Together”) and 17th (“Don’t Forget About Us”) number ones singles, which tied her with Elvis for second (behind the Beatles) for the chart toppers ever.
With renewed success, Carey will be taking another stab at acting with Tennessee, which is slated to hit theaters at the end of the year. We can only hope it won’t be another Glitter-type-fiasco.
I believe Carey should just play to her strength and continue to amazes us with her stunning vocals.

Top Tracks
“When I Saw You”
“Close My Eyes”
“There For Me”
“After Tonight”

>Her highest note thus far was a G#7 (a few keys from the top of a piano) hit during two live performances of “Emotions” in 1991. Also, she has hit an A2 in her 1998 hit “My All,” verifying her 5-octave range. Also, celebrity vocal coach Mark Baxter says that he has heard Mariah sing past the top note on the piano.
>The first single from the Glitter (2001) soundtrack, “Loverboy,” was the #1 best selling single in the year 2001.
>Is the most successful female singer-songwriter of all time, with 17 #1 hits and more than 160 million records sold worldwide.
>Single ‘One Sweet Day’ holds the record for the single staying most weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 (a record 16 weeks).
>Got her name from the song “They Call The Wind Mariah”. The popular Lerner & Loewe musical Paint Your Wagon (1969), starring Lee Marvin and Clint Eastwood, which was enjoying a great deal of success after its release in 1969, and the song containing Mariah’s name, was a favorite of mother Patricia.
>Mariah writes and co-writes as well as produces and co-produces her own songs, including all of her number one hits (with the exception of her cover of “I’ll Be There”).

Here is a music video from the Glitter soundtrack:




8 responses

23 04 2007

Thanks for this post. Mariah is probably the most underrated singer/songwriter in the history of the modern rock and roll era.

24 04 2007

Mariah was very good in WiseGirls

24 04 2007

she was born in 1970 not 1969.

24 04 2007

her birthday was listed as 1969 on IMDb, so that was the year I went with.

28 12 2008

i think its 1969 but its weird on imdb it says she was born in 1969 but on wikipedia it says she was born in 1970

5 09 2010
Faustino Matkowski

No one will ever be able to replace her. Mariah is so sexy I adore her to death. She does too.

20 09 2010
Arthur Decaprio

Both Mariah Carey and her husband Nick Cannon are my idols. They are so amazing together. Sweet and lovely couple. Cheers!

26 09 2010
Gracia Gibas

It will good if Mariah Carey will be one of the judges for the tv show American Idol. She is a great singer and she would be a very good judge to the show. She has been my idol for many years

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