Gus Van Zant and Bryan Singer in a race to the finish

18 04 2007

Shades of CapoteInfamous, not to mention Dangerous Liaisons. Two biopics about assassinated San Francisco city supervisor Harvey Milk are now in a race to get into production.
Bryan Singer is attached to the more official project; he’s set to direct a film adaptation of Randy Shilts’ book The Mayor of Castro Street. His occasional collaborator Chris McQuarrie has written the screenplay. But now Gus Van Sant, who was once attached to the Mayor of Castro Street project and even wrote a draft of the script several years ago, is set to make an as-yet untitled film about the same subject matter, this one from a script by Dustin Lance Black, one of the writers on HBO’s Big Love.
It seems likely that Bryan Singer’s project may get into production first, despite the fact that the director’s schedule is tightly booked. Singer is currently gearing up to shoot Valkyrie, a World War II drama about the German military plot to assassinate Hitler. Tom Cruise is onboard for that project, and Warner Bros. is looking for him to bring back Superman: The Man of Steel shortly thereafter.
Studio brass look to the two recent films about Truman Capote as a business model for competing biopics: Capote came first, and was a critical and box office hit, and scored an Oscar for Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Infamous came a year later, and vanished at the box office. (Yahoo! Movies)




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