Kevin Bacon to star in HBO Iraq War film

25 04 2007

HBO has tapped Kevin Bacon to star in Taking Chance as Lt. Col. Michael Strobl, an officer in the Iraq War who accompanies the body of fallen U.S. soldier Chance Phelps as it is returned home for a burial in Wyoming. Ross Katz, who produced In the Bedroom and Marie Antoinette, will make his directorial debut on the movie. Katz is also writing the script with Strobl, adapting it from the soldier’s short story of the same name. The project is set to start shooting this summer with HBO planning to air it some time in 2008. (Variety)




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2 03 2009

dear kevin,
i hope and pray you see this message …..i just finished watching your hbo movie, taking chance..and i just wanted to tell you i think it is one of your most remarkable performances. a wonderful film;and you should be very proud of your self for the work that you did…im sure you have made chance phelps family very proud..and you represented the military in a a pround and honorable maner. i hope every american has the opportunity to see this film.. sincerly,

13 03 2009

dear kevin,

i was moved to tears by the movie that you acted.
it is the most touching movies i have watched, it shows the reality of war that we seldom see. you were able to convey the nuances of human emotion.
the movie shows the pain that the living has to endure.
the deep respect that was displayed by everybody to the fallen was indeed stirring ( the gardener, the cargo handlers at the tarmac, the Capt of the flight, the flight attendant who handled you the cross and the convoy escorting the hearse and the people at the funeral ).
you have also represented the huge responsibility undertaken by the military in meeting the bereaved, and more importantly making it real.
i salute you for allowing us to have a better insight.

24 07 2010
Rakesh Malhotra

Mr. Kevin Bacon, just to tell you, liked your performance very much. Wishing you keep it up.

7 07 2013
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