Behind the Lens: David Lynch

26 04 2007

David Lynch has been selected to be featured in our latest installment of “Behind the Lens.” This is a special acknowledgment to directors who have made us think and refuse to give into the current trend. What they have offered us are original, daring visions often ignored or misunderstood by the masses. We salute you.

David_Lynch.bmpDavid Lynch
Born: January 20, 1946
Best Known For: 1986’s Blue Velvet
David Lynch is one director who refuses to dumb-down his work. He firmly believes movies should be thought-provoking, controversial and that he shouldn’t have to sacrifice his vision for a few more dollars at the multiplex. Lynch’s project are infused with shifting plots, high art and stellar performances. He has been making films since the late ’70s and has maintained a loyal fanbase who pick up anything the director associates himself with. Lynch scored cult hits with Eraserhead, Blue Velvet and most recently Mulholland Dr. In Inland Empire, Lynch played with the conventions of film making by shooting the feature without a working script. Each morning he would wake and write for that specific day of shooting then his cast (which included Lynch-veteran actress Laura Dern) would act it out. The director has been nominated for three Academy Awards for Best Director (Mulholland Dr., Blue Velvet and The Elephant Man) and won various other accolades. For his constant bravery and innovations in film, we salute David Lynch and hope to see more in the future.
Must See

Mulholland Dr.
Blue Velvet
The Elephant Man
Inland Empire
Wild at Heart

Worth a rent
Lost Highway




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