Introducing the new Joker

3 12 2007

The Dark Knight doesn’t hit theaters until next June but here is a glimpse at the masked avengers most dangerous villian. Leave your thoughts on the classic villians’ makeover. I personally like it.


A darker Joker in The Dark Knight

19 04 2007

If you were hoping for a Jack Nicholson-style Joker in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, then you might be disappointed by the adjectives being used to describe the new character design. Words like “raggedy” and “scary.”
Apparently Warner Bros. will release a character photo this summer, just to prevent against lame “spy pics” from hitting the ‘net, but for now all we know is that Heath Ledger’s Joker will be “scary,” “raggedy,” and “will have grey skin with lots of scarring.” So clearly this is not the broad and campy Joker we’re generally familiar with.
And I think it’s a pretty cool idea. Nolan made that freaky Scarecrow villain all sorts of creepy, and that tone worked pretty damn well in Batman Begins. Clearly I’m not alone in that opinion. (IGN Movies)

Batman Begins writer on board for Scanners remake

12 04 2007

He’s written some of the most popular movies of the past few years, but writer/director David S. Goyer isn’t slowing down. His remake The Invisible hits screens soon, he’s got a cool-sounding project called Super Max on the horizon, and he’s planning to remake a well-regarded David Cronenberg flick called Scanners.
Yep, Scanners, the movie in which Michael Ironside makes human heads explode just by thinking about it (and concentrating real hard). Mr. Goyer is taking the smart route with this remake, being careful to praise Mr. Cronenberg’s very influential work while mentioning how he’d like to ‘modernize’ the story.
“I’m a huge Cronenberg fan, and Scanners was definitely one of my favorite films as a kid,” Goyer said. “What we’re trying to do is take all the best elements of that. … He obviously made it on a shoestring budget, so this time hopefully we can expand upon what he did,” is what Goyer had to say, among other things.
Darren Lynn Bousman looks to be on board as the new Scanners director. Production on the remake is supposed to get rolling in early 2008. (Sci-Fi Wire)

Two-Face a no-go for The Dark Knight

11 04 2007

A while back we heard that the Harvey Dent character would be appearing in The Dark Knight (he’ll be played by Aaron Eckhart) but that his villainous alter ego (Two-Face) would be saved for the NEXT sequel. Looks like we might have some confirmation on that…
Well, nothing concrete, but Batman Begins screenwriter David Goyer recently dropped a few hints like “Two-Face? Hmm, don’t think so…,” which of course leads to all sorts of fan-frantic speculation. Regarding the possibility of there being two villains in the sequel, Mr. Goyer makes a good point: “Some people raised their eyebrows when they heard there were going to be two villains in the first film … but I think that one worked out just fine.” (I’d call that an understatement … and there were definitely more than two villains in Batman Begins.)
Furthermore, it looks like Goyer (who’s got his own movie, The Invisible, coming real soon) will be receiving only a “story by” credit when The Dark Knight takes to the screen again. Official screenwriting duties now belong to the director Christopher Nolan and his brother Jonathan — who recently collaborated on The Prestige. (