Introducing the new Joker

3 12 2007

The Dark Knight doesn’t hit theaters until next June but here is a glimpse at the masked avengers most dangerous villian. Leave your thoughts on the classic villians’ makeover. I personally like it.


A darker Joker in The Dark Knight

19 04 2007

If you were hoping for a Jack Nicholson-style Joker in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, then you might be disappointed by the adjectives being used to describe the new character design. Words like “raggedy” and “scary.”
Apparently Warner Bros. will release a character photo this summer, just to prevent against lame “spy pics” from hitting the ‘net, but for now all we know is that Heath Ledger’s Joker will be “scary,” “raggedy,” and “will have grey skin with lots of scarring.” So clearly this is not the broad and campy Joker we’re generally familiar with.
And I think it’s a pretty cool idea. Nolan made that freaky Scarecrow villain all sorts of creepy, and that tone worked pretty damn well in Batman Begins. Clearly I’m not alone in that opinion. (IGN Movies)

No more Catwoman for Berry

15 04 2007

Just a few weeks ago Halle Berry was telling everyone that there would never be a Storm spinoff movie (as if anyone actually expected one), and now she’s on record as saying that if the Catwoman character is ever resurrected for a Justice League movie … she won’t be expecting any phone calls.
At a recent press junket in support of her new thriller Perfect Stranger, the lovely Ms. Berry was tossed a few Cat-related questions. And let’s just say she didn’t mince words: “No, no … You guys didn’t like Catwoman the first time, and I’m not a masochist … I make movies for people, and if people don’t really want to see that, then I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice, obviously.” Which is a good answer, I suppose, but if she makes movies for “the people,” how does she explain Swordfish, Gothika, and, well, Perfect Stranger?
So between Storm fizzling out and Catwoman stuck in the kennel, I guess we won’t be seeing Halle Berry in any more comic book movies. Whether or not that’s a good thing is entirely up to you … but I say it’s a good thing. (Cinematica)